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3 Ways to Improve Performance Reviews
Thursday, January 04, 2018
There are three steps managers can take to make performance reviews - and the ongoing performance conversations that follow - more productive.
Ask the right questions of the right people: As work has become more collaborative and interconnected, managers today have less idea of what their employees do day-to-day.  Re-orient performance management questions so that colleagues and managers are not asked to say whether an employee is "good" or "bad" at their job, but who helped them the most to accomplish their own goals this year.
  1. Go from performance review to performance preview: As priorities change quickly, the goals set at the beginning of the year are rarely the ones employees pursue across the year.  Shift the conversation from one that is backward looking to one that looks at what comes next and what the company is trying to accomplish.
  2. Don't make it a one-way, top-down process: Reviews shouldn't be about opinion, taste, inclinations, and what the manager needs.  Focus on the bigger picture by asking how employees can contribute to the company and how managers can help them achieve this.  Make sure the conversation shows an employee how they can use their skills and experience to help the company and, crucially, show them how their career is aligned with the direction in which the company is heading.

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